We enable science with software.


HealthRx software keeps employees, clinicians and researchers healthy, safe and productive.  Research institutions across government, academia and healthcare depend on HealthRx to support occupational health, workplace safety and research portfolio management.


Drive 100% vaccine compliance

Securely collect, validate, manage and report employee vaccination status while complying with government COVID-19 mandates


Reduce workplace incidents 

Digitize and automate workplace incident investigations and research lab inspections, and enable OSHA-compliant reporting and prompt remediation plans


Enable safe & efficient research

Connect researchers, labs, equipment and materials to enable efficient registration while increasing research process safety


Platform features

HealthRx is a highly configurable occupational health and safety system purpose-built for unique requirements of research institutions and healthcare providers


Easy Scheduling

Enable staff to create complex conflict-free patient and resource scheduling. Drive efficiencies with patient self-scheduling.


Robust EMR

Configure system to fit practice. Automatically recall employees for surveillance appointments based on workplace risks.


Insightful Analytics

Enable real-time understanding of KPIs to create a healthier, safer workplace.


Keep employees safe, healthy and productive


Health Cloud

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Manage the programs that keep your employees healthy

  • Checkmark Scalable for large populations
  • Checkmark Supports any immunization type
  • Checkmark Complex compliance logic
  • Checkmark Automated program enrollment
  • Checkmark Automated email communications
  • Checkmark Appointment self-scheduling
  • Checkmark Interface with HR, EMR, Lab
  • Checkmark Secure, role-based access
  • Checkmark Dedicated customer support

Safety Cloud

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Investigate workplace incidents and manage lab inspections

  • Checkmark Scalable for large populations
  • Checkmark Configurable safety workstreams
  • Checkmark Unlimited safety surveys
  • Checkmark Unlimited documents & photos
  • Checkmark OSHA-compliant report templates
  • Checkmark Automated training remediation
  • Checkmark Aggregate trends reporting
  • Checkmark Secure, role-based access
  • Checkmark Dedicated customer support

Research Cloud

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Enable safe and efficient research portfolio management

  • Checkmark Supports all registration types
  • Checkmark Searchable registrations
  • Checkmark Review & approval workflow
  • Checkmark Digital portal for review boards
  • Integrated lab inspections
  • Checkmark Integrated inventory management
  • Integrated medical surveillance
  • Checkmark Secure, role-based access
  • Checkmark Dedicated customer support