We enable science with software.

HealthRx software keeps employees, clinicians and researchers healthy, safe and productive.  Research institutions across government, academia and healthcare depend on HealthRx to support occupational health, workplace safety and research portfolio management.
The research institutions we serve are unique.  Their talent, projects, and occupational hazards are different than those found in other industries.  Their work drives the health and prosperity of people around the world.  HealthRx creates tools that enable employees at these innovative organizations to do great work, so that they can make lives better.  
HealthRx is an operating company of Banyan Software, the fastest growing software company in the Inc 5000.

Meet our team

Adam Cole

Chief Executive Officer


Adam joined HealthRx in 2021 and is responsible for overall operations.  Prior to HealthRx, Adam held leadership roles encompassing strategy, product development, partnerships, customer success and general management at several high growth companies.  

Eric Morgan

Chief Technology Officer


Eric joined HealthRx in 2011 and is responsible for the engineering team.  Prior to HealthRx, Eric held software development roles focused on building "big data" solutions at several federal government contractors.

Michael Yaglou

Director, Customer Success


Michael joined HealthRx in 2019 and is responsible for the customer success team.  Prior to HealthRx, Michael held roles in account management for a national retail services firm.