HealthRx Health Cloud

Enabling employee health and wellness has always been important, but the global pandemic has brought renewed focus to the criticality of proactive health enablement and tracking.

   Manage Respiratory Protection

   Drive Vaccination Compliance

   Increase Operational Efficiency


Software to help occupational health teams do more

1000s of work hours are wasted by forcing EHS and occupational health teams to manually enter data, tediously tend to health communications plans, coordinate thousands of clinical appointments and create scores of ad hoc compliance reports.  Let automation run your organization's employee health program logistics so your team can focus on creating a healthier workplace.

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Take health programs to the next level with smart workflow automation

Ongoing health programs, pre-hire immunizations, mass clinics, and other occupational requirements are enabled via intelligent workflow automation that drives employee compliance and reduces the burden on EHS teams


Vaccine Management

Enable annual and work-related immunizations with complex compliance logic. Automate employee email notifications and administrative reporting to drive compliance.


Respiratory Protection

Automate programs from medical clearance and fit testing to training certification. Automate employee email notifications and administrative reporting to drive compliance.


Clinical Scheduling

Empower staff to create complex, conflict-free patient and resource scheduling. Leverage smart scheduling functions that use a patient reminder and call back system.


Electronic Medical Record

Tailor electronic medical records to fit occupational requirements. Automatically recall employees for surveillance appointments based on workplace risks.


Analytics & Reporting

Develop real-time understanding of KPIs to monitor and drive healthier, safer workplace. Consume data in multiple formats or via interface with organizational BI tools.


Answers to the most-asked questions about HealthRx Health Cloud

Does Health Cloud support COVID-19 mandates?

Yes, HealthRx Health Cloud includes programs to support COVID-19 vaccination compliance.  These programs are continually updated to be consistent with the latest CDC guidance and manufacturer-provided vaccine information.

Does Health Cloud support employer mass clinics?

Yes, HealthRx Health Cloud supports mass immunization clinics such as for the seasonal flu and COVID-19.  Features including employee self scheduling, remote document upload, pre-consent workflow, and point of service boarding pass or badge scanning enable efficient processing of employee-patients in mass clinic environments.

Does Health Cloud support pre-employment immunizations?

Yes, if your organization requires that new-hires demonstrate proof of having received certain vaccinations, proof of compliance can be managed through HealthRx Health Cloud.  Employees can scan and upload documentation to the system, or can schedule a vaccination during the onboarding process. Until all required immunizations are documented,  employees will appear on noncompliance lists for the relevant surveillance program(s) for whatever action policy dictates.  You can be assured that only compliant employees are working in your organization, thereby lowering the risk of workplace incidents.