HealthRx Research Cloud

Inefficient research approval and review processes stifle innovation; by connecting protocols to researchers, labs, materials, equipment, training, and risks orgs can accelerate innovation and reduce risk.

   Reduce Approval Times

   Reduce Researcher Burden

   Increase Lab Safety


Software to help research teams innovate safely

Research teams waste time and create risk through paper-based, disconnected approval processes.  Administrative burden keeps researchers from doing the important work they were hired to do.  Failing to connect the people, places and materials associated with research also creates enormous risk to employee health and safety.  Use technology to expedite approval processes and pinpoint risk vectors before they become safety failures.


Take research to the next level with smart workflow automation

Manage all aspects of your research portfolio, including protocol completion and submission, material and inventory management, association of researchers on the protocol, approvals by health, safety, and review board members, and complete protocol lifecycle updates


Protocol Management

Manage all aspects of research portfolio, including protocol submissions, approvals, and inventory. Purpose-built workflow for biological, chemical, radiation, animal and human subjects.


Inventory Management

Track and manage hazardous and non-hazardous materials, PPE, vaccines, animals and equipment. Automatically update inventory levels in sync with health program execution.


Clinical Scheduling

Empower staff to create complex, conflict-free patient and resource scheduling. Leverage smart scheduling functions that use a patient reminder and call back system.


Electronic Medical Record

Tailor electronic medical records to fit occupational requirements. Automatically recall employees for surveillance appointments based on workplace risks.


Analytics & Reporting

Develop real-time understanding of KPIs to monitor and drive healthier, safer workplace. Consume data in multiple formats or via interface with organizational BI tools.


Answers to the most-asked questions about HealthRx Research Cloud

Which research domains does Research Cloud support?

HealthRx Research Cloud includes pre-configured workflow to support biological, chemical, animal, radiation and human trials (IRB) research programs.  

Does Research Cloud enable lab clearance?

Yes, HealthRx Research Cloud includes an integrated module for lab clearance surveys, so that as labs are closed down or spun up the appropriate safety inspection workflow is automatically triggered.

Is Research Cloud secure?

Yes, only those researchers who are associated with a protocol and review staff can see the assigned research. This role-based access ensures that proprietary and sensitive information is secure.