HealthRx Launches Self-Scheduling Functionality


February 2022 -- HealthRx Corporation, a company that provides software for occupational health, employee safety and research portfolio management at research institutions across government, academia and healthcare, today announced the launch of self-scheduling functionality integrated into its Health Cloud, Safety Cloud and Research Cloud products.

"Self-Scheduling will be a significant driver of administrative efficiency for occupational health teams," said Adam Cole, CEO of HealthRx. "These teams run clinics that keep employees healthy, and their work is often a logistical nightmare."

Supporting the health programs and occupational requirements of thousands of employees, all of whom have unique needs, has previously required thousands of hours annually by staff to coordinate appointments, send mass communications, and manually enter appointment data.  Self-scheduling reduces this burden by enabling employees to be automatically reminded of the appointments they need to be compliant with various health programs, and giving them the means to directly book these appointments online.  

"Less staff time spent on menial logistical tasks, better data quality, better employee experience managing their appointments...self-scheduling is a huge win for employee health clinics" said Cole.  "All organizations should strive to provide this level of convenience to their clinic staff and the employees they serve."

About HealthRx Corporation

HealthRx is the leading provider of software keep employees, clinicians and researchers healthy, safe and productive.  Research institutions across government, academia and healthcare depend on HealthRx to support occupational health, workplace safety and research portfolio management.  HealthRx's fully integrated suite of health and safety solutions help automate lab and clinic operations, saving 1000s of work hours while reducing employee health and safety risks.