HealthRx Safety Cloud

Reducing incident and inspection failure rates requires easy documentation, location-based and occupational trends, and timely communication of best practices to avoid future incidents.

   Standardize Incident Reports

   Automate Lab Inspections

   Identify and Address Trends


Software to help health & safety teams do more

1000s of work hours are wasted by forcing EHS and lab safety teams to manually document workplace incidents and lab inspections, inefficiently coordinate investigations and audits, and create scores of ad hoc compliance reports.  Let smart technology guide your organization's safety program logistics so your team can focus on preventing accidents rather than simply documenting them.

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Take safety programs to the next level with smart workflow automation

Generate OSHA-compliant reporting that tracks workplace injuries and illnesses from time of incident to provision of healthcare to assignment and investigation.  Leverage data for remediation and safety training plans designed to reduce workplace injuries.


Workplace Incident Management

Track workplace injuries and illnesses from medical visit to assignment and investigation by specialists, Enable paperless investigation as well as robust, OSHA-compliant reporting.


Safety Surveys

Understand employees' perception of environmental safety to target opportunities for improvement before incidents occur. Measure employee perception of the workplace incident management process.


Clinical Scheduling

Empower staff to create complex, conflict-free patient and resource scheduling. Leverage smart scheduling functions that use a patient reminder and call back system.


Lab Safety Inspections

Ensure the people, places and things associated with lab research are visible to safety inspectors. Enable physical inspection, deficiency identification and correction, and certification.


Electronic Medical Record

Tailor electronic medical records to fit occupational requirements. Automatically recall employees for surveillance appointments based on workplace risks.


Analytics & Reporting

Develop real-time understanding of KPIs to monitor and drive healthier, safer workplace. Consume data in multiple formats or via interface with organizational BI tools.


Answers to the most-asked questions about HealthRx Safety Cloud

Is Safety Cloud configurable for different kinds of workplace incidents?

Yes, HealthRx Safety Cloud can be configured to guide and report on incidents ranging from simple incidents to complex injuries involving human pathogens and toxins, non-human primates, and radiation and chemical exposures.

Can Safety Cloud provide aggregated insights on safety at my organization?

Yes, HealthRx Safety Cloud uses incident investigation data and workflow tracking data to give you insight into investigator productivity, time-to-close statistics, and the root causes of incidents.

What if my organization doesn't have an occupational health service clinic?

No problem - if no occupational health service clinic is readily available, employees can file an incident report online through a secure portal in HealthRx Safety Cloud.  The report is then routed through a workflow you have designed specifically for your organization.